G.A.S.S.Global Action Sports Solutions

No park too big, ramp too small, We build and jump them all!

Global Action Sports Solutions is the industry leader and innovator in delivering sports complexes.  Our expertise includes functional layouts combined with visually-pleasing atmospheres.  Our experience and knowledge covers action sports complexes and skate parks related to skateboarding, BMX, mountain biking and motocross. Our team offers 20 years of experience in construction as well as establishing standards and practices related to action sports construction.  We continue raising the bar in the sport by developing industry leading parks, complexes and world class events.


The Global Action Sports Solutions team consists of experienced action sports athletes who manage and oversee the construction of each project.  Our team has a real life understanding of development that allows us to provide the athletes a challenging yet safe environment.  The combination of professional construction and action sports experience addresses the complexities of delivering a successful, functional, and durable high quality complex. With over 20 years of action sports experience, more than 70 projects successfully completed and many currently in construction, you can see what makes Global Action Sports Solutions a leader in high-quality action sports construction.


Global Action Sports Solutions construction experience, innovative methods and tools, combined with the professional and skilled workmanship of our crews enable us to consistently produce high quality custom complexes.  Action sports are constantly evolving, and Global Action Sports Solutions is at the forefront of the evolution interrain built complexes and parks.  As the action sports world continues to evolve,Global Action Sports Solutions will continue to grow with the industry and produce progressive public and private spaces for multiple generations to enjoy.