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April 24.2015

May 29-31, 2015 

  The Mountain Creek Spring Classic brings out the best local, national and international riders to New Jersey for some great racing action.  Racers competed for double points in the USA Cycling ProGRT Series as well as the Eastern States Cup Atlantic Series.  The race will also mark the USA Cycling New Jersey State DH Championships as well as UCI points for Pro and Cat 1 Junior classes. We where exited to be invited back out by Red Bull to put some GASS parks touches on the event and take part in some of the best racing in north america. Helping build and be a part of this event with the MTNcreek bike crew is all ways a treat here is a video of a great weekend and showing some of are hard work! 



McGee pump track SoCal April 2015

 With a small crew we set out to build a world class pump track in Southern CA. This one of a kind location over looking the ocean and nestled in the mix of multi Million dollar homes meant that this pump track would need to not only function well but also look amazing! The over all build area was a tuff one! with challenges, from trying to get new material in place and remove all the old over grown vegetation to make the are usable, and make room for the new native vegetation and riding surface. Take a look threw the photo gallery you will see the deck/yoga area we located as a center pice surrounded by plants and fruit trees. what do you guys think a dream come true or what? 






BMX Lagos de Moreno mexico Nov.1st 2014



Between the setting, the course, and the level of riding this looked like one of the best dirt contest of the year! Riders from all over the world met up in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico for what could have been the biggest and best dirt comp Latin America has seen yet.

“BMX riders from all over the world traveled to Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico for a dirt jumping contest unlike any other. Nick Bruce took the win and best trick in front of Logan Martin in second and Declan Brooks in 3rd. Also starring Aj Anaya, Tyler Halvorsen, Danny Josa, Hector Garcia, JB Peytavit, Daniel Dhers, Santiago Munoz, Joel Bondu, Andres Pardo, Timothe Bringer and Luis Medina.” 



Here is a look at what we got to build on the east cost of Canada 



PLACE D'YOUVILLE (Downtown Quebec City)

Build a world-class slopestyle course close to the fort walls of old Quebec and you've got City8! Burly drops, insane wall rides and massive dirt jumps wind into historic place D’Youville, the heart of downtown.

A "GOLD" stop this year on the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour (FMB), where the world's best freeride mountain bikers will battle it out at this "Invite Only" event. City8 will be the last chance for riders to qualify for the penultimate contest on the brand new FMB Diamond Series – the awesome Bearclaw Invitational. Riders that perform well at City8 and earn their starting place at the FMB Diamond Series contest at the end of August will be one step closer to potentially winning the FMB World tour Championship title.

With 30 athletes and $30,000 in cash up for grabs this will be one 2 wheel showdown you won't want to miss!!! 





Red Bull Ride+Style May 10, 2014


GASS Parks couldn't have been more excited to be back again at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco CA, building the uniquely located Red Bull Ride+Style 2014!! Red Bull's Ride+Style always brings together the world’s best Fixed-Gear racers and freestyle riders. GASS parks crew is always honored to provide the features that these riders get to throw down and progress on! Check out the videos from this years event! http://www.redbull.com/us/en/bike/events/1331643160038/red-bull-ride-n-style


Dominion Riverrock Festival May 16-18, 2014

GASS Parks was pumped to get back to Richmond Virginia to build another freestyle mountain bike course for the 2014 Riverrock Festival! With some heavy riding being thrown down this year it couldn't have been more fun to watch these guys ride and progress! Dominion Riverrock festival is located on Browns Island on the scenic Richmond Virginia waterfront, making this location a sweet backdrop for the freestyle mountain bike event. Here are the results from this years event! Thanks for the good time Virginia! 

Results :

Congrats to the 2014 Slopestyle champions!

1st place - Matt McDuff
2nd place - Adam Hauck 
3rd place - Reed Boggs
4th place - DJ Brant
5th place - Mike Kent

And our Best Trick champions!

Best Trick Vert Wall:
1st place - Matt McDuff (footjam Canadian nose pick)

Best Trick Jump:

1st place - Mike Kent (360 backflip) 


Photo: Matt Macduff 

Mountain Creek Spring Classic, May 15-18 2014

GASS Parks ventured out to Mountain Creek Bike Park in Vernon New Jersey to build the 2014 Spring Classic ProGRT Downhill and Super D! Back for the third year, the Mountain Creek Spring Classic brought out the best local, national and international riders to New Jersey for some great mountain bike action with the help of the GASS crew!





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GASS parks is in Mexico!

NOVEMBER 4th 2013

 Fall is on the way here at the head quarters of the global action sports solutions home base! With the cool crisp air comes the booking of projects for the 2014 action sports calendar. Already a great line up of events are on the calendar check out  ACTION SPORTS EVENTS/BUILDS for more info and dates. Tons of great events have bin going off both international and right here in the great USA!!! Lots have heads turning like Red Bull Rampage 2013, Down Hill Taxco even the new City 8 event that took place in Quebec Canada a few months ago. well here are a few videos of the events we got to build in for 2013. enjoy!!!!

GoPro: Combing Valparaiso's Hills

2013 BMX Cuerna Style Highlights




City8 on Pinkbike


July 19th 2013 

World Rally Car driver Benito Guerra Jr jumps his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10 over 100’ on a dirt to dirt jump built by GASS parks.  Check out this sneak peak of what's to come from Altius Events!



Catching up with GASS parks

GoPro Mountain Games June 6-9 2013

 On the road again, GASS parks heads back west to Vail, Colorado for the GoPro Mountain Games 2013 (formerly the Teva Mountain Games in 2012), where the beautiful rocky mountain scenery inspires this GASS parks build. Always trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible, GASS parks along with GoPro and the Vail Valley Foundation decided to use burnt logs from last years devastating fires in the foothills of Fort Collins, Colorado.  By recycling these otherwise useless logs GASS parks was able to help out Colorado residents and add a unique touch to the look of the wood ramps and structures on the course.  One of the most attention-grabbing features this year was the open loop, a creation that Jeremy Witek had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to build. Click here to check out the gallery on pinkbike.com


Dominion Riverrock Festival May 17-19 2013

Heading from west to east the GASS parks crew scales the length of the U.S. and arrives in Richmond, VA for Dominion Riverrock Festival 2013.  Taking place on Brown’s Island just outside of downtown Richmond, who would of thought you could find such a strong following and love for the outdoors in an urban setting. This year at Dominion Riverrock Festival 2013 you could find a variety of outdoor activities like early morning paddleboard yoga, bouldering, kayaking, good music, and best of all another GASS parks built freestyle MTB course. With Red Bull stepping up with a great prize purse for the freestyle and best trick contests and GASS parks building a new and improved course, top riders gave it everything they had in front of the huge crowd of festival fans.



Red Bull Ride + Style May 4th 2013

GASS parks was pumped to be back at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco, CA building Red Bull Ride + Style 2013 an event that brings together the world’s best Fixed-Gear racers and freestyle riders. Check out the new ramps that were built both for the race and freestyle competition by GASS parks decked out with the collaborative artwork by street artists Risk (Los Angeles), Tristan Eaton (NYC), Insa (London) and Sam Flores (San Francisco).  Watch Red Bull Ride + Style 2013




GASS's new projects means new spots!

 March 13th 2013

  Keeping up with the fast growing action sports world is not a problem if you're leading the way! With more new skate park projects and Red Bull stepping up their presence at events around the world we are going to be right there building a few of them. here is a sneak peak at the Dominion Riverrock  course. The festival is the East Coast's premier outdoor lifestyle festival, bringing athletes, spectators, musicians, and even dogs to Brown's Island in Richmond VA. with Red Bull on board this year for the MTB free style jump event we are stoked to be building a all new course for the riders to throw down on and do their biggest tricks. check out www.dominionriverrock.com/ for more information on the East cost best out door event!


FEB. 26th 2013

It has been a fast pace for the first 2 months of the 2013 year here at GASS parks! with three projects in the bag this year it is time to share with you what we have been up to. first we will start off with the event that took place in vail colorado called Winter Mountain Games presented by Eddie Bauer. we set foot at the venue with a large pile of snow set up as a landing. It is intended to be used for the Big Air skiers but we also felt it would make a great landing for our free ride MTN bikers as well! After finding the angle of the landing we did some math and drew up a take off for the under the lights event. with the jump being set at 46' the riders could make the gap easy and throw down their biggest tricks! here is a little video from Vitaltmtb.com of what went down! 


vail winter games 2013 video


Just as the New year got kicked off so did rapping up are first Red Bull project of the year! RED Bull knows better then to fight mother nature, but that dose not stop them with there love to help give athletes wings even in the less of ideal conditions. When Red Bull team riders Aaron Chase and Mislav Mironovic catch up with east coast ripper Adam Hauck to ride what we built for them on Mountain Creek which is located in the snow covered NJ mountains a great video will come from it take a look at what we hid under the cold and snow!



Red Bull Snow Cranks 2013





DEC. 14th 2012


    with one more project to wrap up before the new year in NJ for Red Bull athletes Aaron Chase and Pat Moore lets take a look back at the great 2012 year we had around the world! Also taking a look back at what we have built this year is some times one of the best ways to cure the great GASS parks teams sore and tired muscles here is a few pictures of what we where a part of in 2012!


CranX Bike park in North NY 






NOV.12th 2012


With the racers from the down hill race in Taxco Mexico saying thing like,

"funnest event of the year" Jacqueline Harmony

Chris Van Dine "these are the best ridding ramps and most flow i have ever rode in a urban race!"

 we are very happy with the efforts of the crew that made the build in just 4 days turn out so well! with the build of Mexico's First steel show ramp set up taking place this week the growth of action sports south of the boarder is growing fast!

Here is a video from some friends on how the riders made it down the corse in the silver city of Taxco Mexico.





 OCT. 28th 2012



GASS parks is in Mexico for the month of October. Our objective has been to have a hand in changing the face of mountain biking and action sports in Mexico. GASS parks has been working with Red Bull of Mexico and Altius Pro to explore iconic and epic locations surrounding Mexico City. The project started off at the Volcano Nevado to scout out heli drop lines as well as down hill single track. Aaron Chase, Chris Van Dine, Eric Porter and Katie Holden were all out in full force to scope lines that have never been ridden on a mountain bike. While all of the riders were up riding some of the sickest lines from helicopter drops, Gass parks was a little lower on the mountain digging single track lines and building a road gap out of indiqgenous dead fall. The road gap had to be large enough to jump a full on Red Bull Pro 2 class trophy truck of Vildosola Racing. All of the riders checked out the road gap and were making calculations in their head to figure out how to hit it for the first time. Jeremy Witek of Gass parks lived up to his reputation by strapping on a helmet, riding a borrowed bike, and hitting the road gap perfectly the first time to show everyone how its done. The next morning a few final touches were made to the trail and everyone was ready to drop for a live broadcast on Televisa. Chase, Van Dine, Porter, Holden, and Shumaker were all lined up waiting rather impatiently for our cue to hit the gap for the first time on live TV. The Trophy truck started its engine and was on the pipe heading up the dirt road. The riders got the cue to drop in on the single track and all sent the road gap over the trophy truck fully pitched. All of the hard work and planning paid off as everyone hit their marks to pull off such an adrenaline-pumping stunt.


Metapec & Center Ceremonial

From there GASS parks and the riders headed over to Metapec for some more television shots around historical sites. Aaron Chase, Chris Van Dine, Eric Porter, Katie Holden, Jeremy Witek, and Russell Shumaker were joined by trials rider Danny Tomas and moto trials rider -------------- to showcase how we can transform a iconic centerpiece of Metapec into a two-wheel playground. For the last time on the trip, we shot for live Televisa, which is the largest television station in Mexico. Van Dine killed it there with a huge ledge to stair gap and brought his momentum to the next location of Center Ceremonial. This was an Aztec type stone structure littered with wall rides, wedges, gaps, and big hips. Nothing here was for the faint of heart. All of the riders rode super good as well as the builders of GASS parks holding their own. The day was a huge success and the entire crew got great photos and film.

Ixtapan de la Sal 

The next morning a few riders headed home while Van Dine, Holden, and the GASS parks crew stayed to make a trip over to another volcano. The drive was long and the hike was exhausting, but the views and the 25 minute DH ride down were unforgettable. That night the team headed to Ixtapan de la Sal to recharge our batteries and do a little pump track maintenance for Ixtreme. The hospitality was unreal and the facilities have serious potential for DH, XC, BMX, and skate.


GASS parks has the opportunity to design and build the urban down hill mountain bike race in Taxco, Mexico. This is a historical city known for its silver mines. The race goes through the streets and alleyways of Taxco with gaps, drops, wall rides, and big jumps. GASS parks is planning to change the way people look at urban DH by making a really safe, fun, and challenging race course.  



OCT.10TH 2012

With Red Bull Rampage finishing up being the biggest MTB event of the year and no riders getting hurt we are now glade to be sending a crew down to Mexico for some up coming fun! The crew will be setting up a few stunts for a up coming TV shoot as well as working on Taxco a down hill race threw the city. check back next week as the will be sending photos are way of the build.  also there are a few photos in the  PROJECTS trails,ramps,park section showing photos of the 2012 red  bull rampage build take a look

 looking forward to next year! congrats to all the riders of the 2012 Red Bull Rampage event!

SEPT. 7th 2012


take a look at our CEO and founder Jeremy Witek moving some dirt around in the CAT Mini X for Red Bull Rampage 2012 in the latest blog on red bulls site http://www.redbullusa.com/cs/Satellite/en_US/Article/rampage-2012-venue-build-021243255404487. 


 we will be up loading a photo page real soon in the next few days of other work being done on this years rampage event. follow @jeremywitek on twitter and istagram for new photos every day! 


SEPT. 4th 2012

  well things are shaping up to be the best Rampage ever! the dirt is in prime condition and in way better shape then 2010. with Red bull behind yet another great event like Rampage the 2012 event will show case never before surfaces for the riders to shred there bikes on. the Oakley icon sender will also be back in to play with some new add ons to it as well. also in the work are some one of a kind wood features that will allow the riders a chace to catch there breath down the over 1000'  drop from start to finish. for more in-fo on the up coming Red Bull Rampage event of 2012 check out http://www.redbullusa.com/cs/Satellite/en_US/Article/Red-Bull-Rampage--The-Evolution-is-now-officially-021243253667874 for more photos whats going on at the build site!  

AUGUST 16th 2012

  Only a few weeks away from making the trip back out to the HOT UT land scape for the start of building Red Bull RAMPAGE 2012. we are in full stride getting things drawn up and the new start arch made.teaming up with H5 EVENTS this years 3 day event will take place oct. 5th, 6th, and 7th. with the return of the Oakley ICON sender with a bit of a twist to it and all the top invite on list of riders we are sure this years event will be the biggest yet! More spots to throw down more tricks to do and a one of a kind setting in UT GASSparks is happy to be a part of RED BULL RAMPAGE 2012!

On the east cost keep your eyes out in the DC area for a up coming MTB based park we will be posting up park lay out very soon on this new 77,000 sqr foot fun land!  

JUNE 17TH 2012

With dates to be desided this week on when to start stage 2 of www.CranX.com indoor MTB based park in Syracuse NY we are super exited to make are way back to the east coast! time sure dose fly when your having fun and the one of a kind features that you see at Red Bull Rampage do not just get built they are desined by both people here at G.A.S.S. as well as red bull ridders and artist from Oakley as well. from what has bin popping up all ready the ridders should have more then they dreamed of to ride and show off there skills in the amazing setting of UT this year!  

MAY 16th 2012


With Red bull"s RideNstyle event done for the year and many new tricks being done never before in a fixed gear event........ G.A.S.S. has moved are sites and are looking at are next builds! Having set the bar very high with the ever expanding market of indoor MTB parks we will be working on redoing some parts of  Ray's Indoor MTB park in Wisconsion as well as starting stage 2 at CranX in syracuse NY early this summer!

 with talks of more indoot MTB based parks looking to take shape with in the usa as well as over seas we are very exited for the up coming months. 


also keep checking back to follow us for sneak peaks to what the best free riders and races in the world will be riding on at Red Bull Rampage this coming year. taking place in Vurgin UT, with the walk threw of the site coming up this month it is sure to leave even the riders breathless this go around! 


here are a few clips from Red Bull RideNstyle





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  • "Working with Jeremy and the GASS Parks crew has been instrumental in bringing pipe dreams to reality all in the spirit of pushing the progression of possibility in action sports..."
    steve blick
    Oakley Inc. Sports Marketing
  • " "When the lip of a 70 foot canyon gap was too kicky, the G.A.S.S crew got up before sunrise and hiked out into the desert to make the corrections needed for the gap to work pr..."
    Cameron McCaul
    Pro MTB rider